Defect monitoring

Mobile Application for the Factory Ecran

Some malfunctions are possible at the glass factory Ecran, like at any factory: the wiring is exposed, the engine jams, the belt is broken. It will take a lot of time to notice the problem, to report to the management, to find the right master and eliminate it. While the equipment is waiting for repair, no products are produced.
To reduce the costs associated with machine downtime in case of breakage.
We have created an application for the factory employees in partnership with the engineering company "Sibir Telematics" Ltd. Employees start tasks about incidents and quickly take them to execution there. The partners had their own vision of the interface and functionality of the application, so the task of software implementation fell on us.
The shift master finds a problem and starts an incident. It appears in the general list and it is visible to the departments that are responsible for troubleshooting.
Incidents - a list of primary tasks. He can take the incident and then it will become my incident. The employee can change the description of the incident, supplement it.
An employee of the department moves to the place and analyzes the problem. Then he takes the incident to work himself. If another department should deal with the problem, the employee changes the description and the incident appears again in the general list, but it is visible to other departments.
As soon as the employee starts working on the incident, he goes to the "work" list. Other employees see it in the list and can help.
Minutes of machine downtime in production can cost a company millions. In order to report problems to engineers quickly, the system must be able to send notifications. The difficulty is that we could not give the application access to the Internet. That would violate the company's security policy. The application must work on a local network, so standard approaches using Firebase/GCM are not applicable. We have created our own notification system using Android Services, Retrofit and duplicating the notification channel via a socket connection.
In short, these are two key modules implemented on Android services:
Работник подразделения выдвигается на место и анализирует проблему. После того, он может берет инцидент в работу на себя. Если проблемой должно заниматься другое подразделение, работник меняет описание и инцидент снова появляется в общем списке, но виден уже другим подразделениям.
A service that runs in the background and makes requests to the server to check it for new incidents at a certain interval;
A service that has a permanent connection via a socket to the internal notification server.
Each of the services works independently and insures the functionality of the other.
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2.5 months to complete
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