Raw material balance

Mobile Application for the Factory Ecran

To build an effective process at a factory, you need to know everything about it: the loss of material at each stage, the amount of time of the stage, where production lags behind the plan, and where it overtakes. The factory has already had a web portal with all the information, but it lacks mobility. The director is often away from the computer, but it is necessary to control the factory at any time. At FillTeam, we have created a mobile application for monitoring the factory.
To show all the stages of production on the smartphone screen visually in real time.
We have created an application together with the engineering company "Sibir Telematics" Ltd. It shows the machine parameters, production capacities and the amount of material at all production sites in real time: from the stage of loading raw materials to the molding of the final product.
Each conveyor consists of several installations at the factory. The installation receives the material at the input and gives it ready for the next installation at the output.

The system monitors the material and capacities along the entire way of the conveyor. The data is stored and analyzed intelligently on the factory's servers. The directors receive up-to-date production statistics at any time. The functionality of the application adapts flexibly to the position of the employee.
The directors often have no network coverage. To show up-to-date data, we save the previous indicators of the graphs and request only the data that is missing. This way the application will show the latest up-to-date information even if there is no network access.

We have created our own graph rendering modules to work quickly with large amounts of data. The existing solutions were overloaded on the market and did not give us the desired speed.
Android SDK, Kotlin, Coroutines, Clean Architecture, MVVM

XCode, Objective C, MVC, ReactiveCocoa, Swift

About the project
4 months to complete:
1 month of the design and the approval
3 months of the creation

Viktor Filatov
Project Manager
Android Developer
Anatoly Rogovskikh
Svetlana Korsukova
iOS Developer
Mikhail Kanshin